Investing in socio-economic transformation remains a strategic imperative for Walras.

As a young company we are not implementing change to comply with law but establishing ourselves as a company transformed from the outset. Our substance takes precedence over our legal form.

Gender Equality

Walras is committed to the promotion of gender equality and recognises that equality is not only a women issue. Walras is playing its role in addressing gender inequality and we regard equality of opportunity as an essential part of our business values. Walras has strived to have equal representation on its management team and today boasts women management of 66%, a remarkable achievement in the construction industry.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Walras is committed to Broad-Based Black economic Empowerment, as a critical tool to address socio-economic inequalities. Our aim is to contribute meanifully to the socio-economic transformation  of South Africa, through black economic empowerment as well as other means, thereby ensuring future growth and profitability of the South African economy. Sustainable and inclusive economic growth is a critical requirement to address inequality and we continue to be ambassadors for the promotion of this role in the construction industry.

Walras is a proud level two B-BBEE contributor with procurement recognition of 125% according to the latest published BEE Codes of Good practise. You can download our BEE certificate below.

BEE Certificate