At Walras the most important service we deliver is safety.

Every person who works on our sites or is affected by the work returns home safely. We are committed to safety above all and no project is a success unless it is safe. We are devoted to safety on all fronts and we are dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

In 2013 we launched ALIVE – Actively leading an Injury Void Environment. The campaign was launched to ensure that through proper training, employee engagement, planning and extreme vigilance everyone works in an environment baron of accidents and injury. We believe health and safety management should be embraced in a holistic way – the interactions between a working environment, equipment, systems and procedures and the people in our organisation.

We are promoting a positive safety culture consisting of shared values that interact with our organisations structure and control systems
to produce behavioural standards.

Our positive safety culture hinges on 3 keys elements:

Working practices and rules for effectively controlling hazards

A positive attitude towards risk management and compliance with the control processes

The capacity to learn from accidents, near misses and safety performance indicators and bring about continual improvement.

We are leading from the front and our standard safe working practices comply with and exceed requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.