Our Vision

To be the leading construction, engineering and maintenance organisation by delivering exceptional service to our customers and forming inspiring, collaborative partnerships, investing in our people, improving our community and earning a fair, sustainable profit on value delivered.

The values that we are founded on are the values that differentiate us from our competitors. Our innovative approach, integrity, commitment and dedication to our relationships are our foundation.

About Us

We offer comprehensive solutions, across a wide range of sectors


We are fully committed to the principles of sustainability: our people; our planet and our profit.

Through our work we are supporting our communities and improving the lives of people within the communities, protecting the natural environment and creating a sustainable built environment while supporting responsible economic growth.

Our Sectors

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Residential
  • Telecoms and Data
  • Interiors and Fit-Out
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Retail

Our Services

We are a fully integrated real estate and infrastructure services provider.

Our customers can leverage our depth of strength and experience at any stage of the project lifecycle. We apply our innovative and collaborative approach not only to large projects, but also to smaller projects which are business critical and require our immediate attention. Our business services enables us to be a complete provider of a range of services including construction, engineering and maintenance. Our timely and cost-effective solutions add value for our customers while improving quality of life for the people that occupy and use our facilities.

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Construction is our core business. Walras is active in the building and construction of a range of  projects.



Walras Maintenance is a leading provider of customer-focused solutions and offers a comprehensive range of services.



Walras Engineering provides a multi-disciplinary engineering management, construction and maintenance service.



We are adopting pioneering technology and information technology to deliver our services. 



Virtual construction technology enables projects to be built smarter and faster than ever before. READ MORE


We employ lean construction techniques and a production-based approach to project delivery. 


Health and Safety

To us, the most important service we deliver is safety.

Every person who works on our sites or is affected by the work returns home safely. We are committed to safety above all and no project is a success unless it is safe. We are devoted to safety on all fronts and we are dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

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